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    Zarpor Official Rules - Server and Forums

    The following are Zarpor's rules. Please read them first before getting yourself introduced to this server!
    Rules may be changed over the course of time. .

    Helpful Links:
    Report a Player
    Appeal a Punishment

    =====IN-GAME RULES=====

    1. Treat your fellow players and staff members with respect. This includes but is not limited to: abuse towards another player, witch hunting (hunting another player down and going out of your way to cause them trouble), offensive language directed specifically at someone, flaming, causing another player grief (bullying), racism and anything else similar directed intentionally at players will be punished accordingly.

    2. Do not spam. Flooding the chat/yell may result in a mute. If your messages are less than 10 seconds apart and frequent, this is treated as spamming. Whether you get muted or not and for how long will be based on each staff member's judgement.

    3. The process of lending/borrowing items to another player is classed as a trust trade. Any lending of items, or non-permanent transfer of ownership is entirely at your own risk and staff will not look to take any action to resolve an issue regarding a "trust trade" under any circumstances.

    4. Please do not constantly and consistently ask or demand items or services from other players, also known as "begging." Such actions are not appreciated and if not stopped when asked, could result in a mute.

    5. Do not advertise other servers. You will receive an IP-Mute or a possible IP-Ban. Advertising websites of a pornographic/inappropriate nature will also result in a punishment.

    6. No staff impersonation or offensive account names. This includes having the word Mod, Admin and or Owner in your username. Do not attempt to copy a staff's username with the intention of scamming/harrassing them or other players.

    7. Showing interest in duping and/or attempting to dupe will result in an IP-Ban.

    8. Do not trade any Zarpor related items (including accounts, etc) for anything not related to Zarpor (such as money, runescape (non-zarpor) gold, etc.)

    9. No use of macros, auto-clickers. You must be tentative to the game while performing repetitive actions. If a staff member questions or teleports you and you do not reply, you could be banned for suspicion of using third party programs.

    10. Do not accuse anyone of breaking a rule without proof. If found to be forging evidence, you will face severe punishment.

    11. Any attempt to abuse a bug or a glitch for any reason will result in a warning or ban depending on the seriousness of the abuse. Please report findings to staff immediately. This includes usage of third party programs to exploit flaws within the code of the game and safespots that are not otherwise supposed to exit.

    12. Multi-logging for advantage over other players is not allowed. You may not have more than one account killing the same boss, playing the same mini-game or in the wilderness at the same time. You are allowed to have multiple accounts doing the same skill at the same time and are allowed to trade between your own accounts.

    13. Account sharing is "At your own risk." This means that while we wont ban those who share accounts, sharing an account is not an acceptable excuse for any rule breaking. On top of that, once an account is shared, the staff team will not exercise any power to return the account to one of the sharers if the other decided to take full ownership. The same goes for taking of items, making of decisions, or any other actions taken by one of the owners of the account without the permission of the other. However, buying/selling or staking accounts is not allowed nor is publicly announcing your account information in the event you decide to quit. If, at any time, it appears you have been account sharing then staff will not get involved in the returning of any items/wealth lost due to one of the account users actions.

    14. Leeching in mini-games can result in a jail. If you have to leave your computer during a mini-game, simply log off, or leave. Leeching in this case is defined being in a mini-game without contributing to your teams victory. (This rule does not apply to Pest Control).

    15. If given an Mute or Ban, you may continue playing on other accounts for the duration of your punishment unless stated otherwise. However, if you're caught breaking the same rules or more rules on those alternative accounts, you will be IP muted and/or IP Banned. Any evasion of an IP Ban or IP Mute will result in further action. Do not evade these punishments.

    16. Do not discuss/argue another players punishment or ask for proof of the players Mute or Ban, the staff have no obligation to fulfill your request. Doing so may result in a Mute.

    17. Safespotting is allowed, however only in spots that exist on Runescape. If you are caught safespotting, the legitimacy of your safespot will be verified and if found to not be an intended safespot, you will risk an XP reset and any gained wealth being wiped.

    18. Killing your own accounts to farm PK points is illegal and you run the risk of all PK points you have being wiped if you are caught.

    =====FORUM RULES=====

    1. Respect your fellow community members. Serious Flaming and/or racisim in any part of the forums could result in infractions and even temp bans. Witch hunting, harassment and clearly intentional racism will NOT be tolerated in any forum, this includes the spam forum.

    2. Do not advertise other servers period. Doing so will result in a permenant ban. Discussions of other servers should be kept at a minimum.

    3. Do not post pornographic/nude material. This includes pictures/videos either pretending or showing sexual interactions.

    4. Some forums will have their own rules. You need to follow these rules applied to each forum individually which are always in the "stickied" threads.

    5. Please stay on topic in each thread. This does not apply in the spam forum.

    6. Do not post anything illegal on our Forums, which includes (but is not limited to): hacking, blackhat activities, keyloggers, ddosers, torrents, etc.

    7. Please keep signatures to a reasonable size. If its found to be disruptive you will be asked to alter it.

    8. Do not attempt to recreate or mimic any forum type perk in which you did not have permission to have. Examples being: Donation ranks, staff ranks, username images. This includes creating yourself a rank and making it your avatar/profile picture.

    Tips/Important Information

    About Refunds
    • Players who are victims of hacks or bugs will be refunded to the best of our ability. Administrators will review situations on a case-by-case basis and determine the most appropriate course of action. For items lost due to an in-game bug, quality picture and/or video proof is needed.
    • "You can check my logs" isn't valid proof for a refund and in the event that you have no proof and the bug can not be replicated you will not receive a refund.

    Other Information
    • You may make a dispute/appeal anytime. It will be up to the staff's discretion on your final outcome.
    • If your appeal gets denied, you must wait 1 month to appeal again unless another time frame is given by an admin+
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