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Recent Activity for Muttz

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Day Time Event
January 16th 8:36 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Magic.
January 15th 11:31 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Summoning.
January 15th 6:01 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Dungeoneering.
January 14th 6:29 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Defence.
January 14th 6:28 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Attack.
January 14th 6:28 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Strength.
January 13th 10:11 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Constitution.
January 13th 8:47 AM (Easy) completed the fight caves!
January 13th 8:17 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Crafting.
January 12th 7:37 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Ranged.
January 12th 5:44 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Herblore.
January 12th 5:00 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Farming.
January 12th 7:19 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Smithing.
January 11th 4:51 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Mining.
January 11th 4:42 PM (Easy) achieved 99 Thieving.
January 11th 8:37 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Firemaking.
January 11th 8:37 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Fletching.
January 11th 7:41 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Woodcutting.
January 11th 7:03 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Fishing.
January 11th 6:54 AM (Easy) achieved 99 Cooking.
January 11th 5:46 AM (Easy) completed the welcome tutorial.



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